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The Yellowknives Dene First Nations (YKDFN ) are comprised of two communites called Dettah and Ndilo. Dettah is located on the Northern shore of Great Slave Lake, just outside of Yellowknife. It is a 6.4 km drive by ice road in winter and a 21 km drive on an all-season road. Ndilo is located on the north end of Latham Island, adjacent to the City of Yellowknife. Despite being located next to Yellowknife, Ndilo remains an independent and distinct community. The Yellowknives Dene First Nation’s membership is 1,489 people, there are 575 members living in Ndilo & Dettah.

1900 Akaitcho entered into Treaty on July 25, 1900 in Fort Resolution. Imeh (Emile) Old Man Drygeese was Cheif at the time of Treaty.

1914 Susie (Joseph or Sizeh) Drygeese was the 2nd Chief after 1900 treaty. Susize drew a map that outlived traditonal hunting grounds that later became “Yellowknife Game Preserve.” He gave this information to Chief Monfwi of Rate – who pursued Treaty 11 for his people. Hence, “As long as the sun rises…”

1921 First recorded band councilors.

1945 Dettah, Ndilo and Enodah established a Community Boundary.

1984 Negotiations began for the Dene/Metis Comprehensive Land Claim.

1991 The Yellowknives Dene chose to continue with Treaty Implementation.

Yellowknives Dene operates under the Indian Act of Canada; federal legislation enacted by the parliament of Canada. It is governed by two chiefs and ten Councilors (1 Chief & 5 Councilors from Dettah and 1 Chief & 5 Councilors from Ndilo). The Chiefs and Councilors are elected every four years by the YKDFN membership. The Chief and Council meets once a month to discuss items such as future plans, and resolve current issues.