Chief Ernest Betsina

Ernest Betsina is a in his second term as Chief of Ndilo, after serving two four-year terms as a Councillor.

He is the second oldest son of Frank and Muriel Betsina’s seven children and has two sisters and four brothers.

After graduating from high school, Chief Betsina completed a four-year carpentry journeyman certification program, then gained experience in both the construction and diamond mining industries.

Chief Betsina’s priorities are the completion of negotiations for a the Akaitcho Agreement; implementation of the Giant Mine Remediation Project and arsenic clean-up with an apology and compensation for YKDFN people; and, the readjustment of the community boundary with the City of Yellowknife.

As Chief, Ernest is very committed to giving a good example for his community as a healthy and strong leader. He is recognized as an initiator and motivator and while very busy with the many challenges of being a leader, he is ready to roll up his sleeves and put on his tool belt to go help community members.

Spending time with his family and his two sons is important for Ernest. His three grandchildren bring him much joy—being an active part of their lives is a priority. Watching and playing hockey is a passion in his life, as is walking and running for exercise. Playing hand-games, drum dancing and camping are favorite activities.