Councillor Cecilie Beaulieu

Cecilie Beaulieu was first elected as councilor in the late 90’s and was a councilor approximately 12 years ( 2002 – 2015 ).  Cecilie was re-elected this year 2019 after taking a break for the last four years as a councilor.  

Cecilie parents are Frank and Adeline Lafferty of Fort Rae.  Her mom Adeline is originally from Dettah and moved to Rae when she married her dad.  Her mom’s maiden name is Crapeau and her parents, and grandparents, were Pierre and Elise Crapeau from Dettah.  

Cecilie moved to Yellowknife in 1982 and met her husband in 1984 and have lived in Ndilo since 1984.  This is her home, Cecilie feel the connection from being related to so many people in Dettah and Ndilo.  Cecilie remember when Cecilie was very young, her mom used to bring her to Dettah and Ndilo and say we will visit all our relatives on her side of the family.  Cecilie know all the elders in her community of Dettah and Ndilo and the elders all know and remember her, it is a very good feeling. Cecilie speak and understand the language, thanks to her mom.

Cecilie worked for the Federal government for over 30 years and just recently retired.  Cecilie decided to run for council again because Cecilie have more time to concentrate on helping her community.  In the past, it was very hard to concentrate both on work and being on council.

In the past when Cecilie was on council, Cecilie sat on committees such as Housing, Education and Human Resources and was a board member for Deton Cho for a few years.  Cecilie would like to get back on some committees to assist the community in any way she can.