Councillor William Lines

William Lines is the grandson of the late Fred and Florence Erasmus, and the son of Margaret Erasmus and Dale Lines. William was born and raised in Ndilǫ and continues to reside within the community.

Eight years ago, William started his career in the Wellness Department of the Yellowknives Dene; working towards recreational leadership and youth empowerment. He has since moved to the Lands and Environment Department working on the Giant Mine file as the Community Liaison and Technical Advisor for the past four years.

William encourages and practices a traditional lifestyle such as going hunting for moose and caribou and distributing the meat to Elders, spending time on the land as well as helping his fellow community members. He frequently spends time at his cabin, strengthening his connection to the land and his traditional skills.

William was elected in August of 2019 to his first term on the Yellowknives Dene First Nation Council. He ran for Council with the promise of honest, responsible and transparent decision making. He envisions a prosperous YKDFN and hopes to serve his community to fulfil this vision over the next four years.