Councilor Bobby Drygeese

Bobby was raised in Dettah and attended Kete Whii School and then graduated from Sir John Franklin High School and then pursued post-secondary through Aurora College in the Recreation Leadership program. He is married with five children. Bobby is the Grandson of Chief Jean (Madzii) Baptiste Drygeese, who was the Treaty 8 signatory. Bobby’s other Grandfather Chief Jospeh (It’o) Sangris was also Chief for 32 years. Bobby and his family are very involved in the community in a wide range of involvement such as volunteering and participating in the program and services the YKDFN offers. Bobby owns B. Dene Adventures, which is a tourism/cultural awareness camp outside of Dettah. B. Dene Adventures is a very successful business, which provides employment, and other benefits to the community of the Dettah and acknowledge and teaches tourists about the Yellowknvies Dene First Nation.

Bobby was elected as a YKDFN Council for the fourth term since 2006.  During his time in Leadership Bobby held numerous portfolios such as Lands and was also the chair of Deton Cho Corporation for the last term of Council. His vision for the First Nation is to have a healthy and sovereign Community and for our members to be proud to be YKDFN