Councilor Jessica Deleary

Councilor Jessica was elected as Councilor for the community of Dettah. She is the granddaughter of the late Napoleon Liske and Margaret Liske, and the daughter of Allen DeLeary of Walpole Island, ON and Alice Liske of Dettah, NT. 

Jessica was born and raised in Ottawa, ON, she attended high school there and eventually moved to Dettah in January 2009. Jessica had always felt a connection to the North and to Dettah. Jessica currently works for Det’on Cho Corporation after working for the Government of Northwest Territories – Department of Health and Social Services. She is an active member of Dettah, serving on the Dettah District Education Authority, she also volunteers at community events. Jessica is also a part-time student in the Language Revitalization Course based out of Aurora College, in partnership with University of Victoria. 

Jessica enjoys spending time with her two children and dog Roscoe, playing softball in the summer and curling up with her sewing supplies in the winter.