Councillor Philip Joseph Goulet

My name is Philip Joseph Goulet, known to many as Philip Joe, and I am delighted to share the story of my life journey with you.

I come from a proud root, born to Morris Goulet and Mary Jane Summers (Mackenzie-Goulet). My parents are Morris Goulet and Mary Jane Summers (Mackenzie-Goulet). My mother is originally from Fort Rae, and Dad grew up in Wool Bay and Gros Cap.

I’m all about keeping our traditions alive, especially fishing and hunting. When I was a kid, I grew up in the Goulet Bay area with my late grandparents, Phillip, and Madeline Goulet where we spring hunted and trapped, and we still go back whenever we can. I also spent time in the Fort Rae area with my other grandparents Suzie and Julie Mackenzie. I find comfort and connection in practicing the traditions passed down through generations.

Reflecting on my childhood, I recall accompanying my mother to community meetings, where I absorbed the importance of active involvement in shaping the future. Now, with a desire to contribute meaningfully, I aspire to attend these gatherings and lend my voice to areas where I believe my insights may offer assistance.

My professional journey has been diverse, starting from the humble beginnings of a kitchen. Over the years, I navigated through various positions, gathering experiences that have been invaluable in shaping my perspective. A turning point came when I pursued education in plumbing and heating, concluding in the achievement of my journeyman certification.

Currently, I am a proud owner of my own business, a venture that has not only allowed me to apply my skills in plumbing and heating but has also broadened my understanding of business dynamics, marketing strategies, accounting principles, and more.

Looking ahead, my vision aligns with the collective aspirations of our community. I am eager to stand shoulder to shoulder with our membership, working towards self-government and actively participating in discussions that contribute to the betterment of our community and the prosperity of future generations.

In closing, I express my sincere hope for a future where our traditions are preserved, our community thrives, and each generation benefits from the collective efforts of those who came before. I am excited about the journey ahead and the opportunities to contribute to the growth and resilience of our community.