Councillor Leroy Betsina

Leroy Betsina was born in Yellowknife 1975, the son of the late Fred Betsina and was raised along with his brothers and sisters by his mother Rose Betsina. 

Since graduating from Grade 12 at Sir John Franklin in 1995, Leroy has either been employed or in training for his various employment opportunities.  He has received Safety Training, Operating Training and Courses: Heavy Equipment Operator Training, General Carpentry Training, both at Aurora College.   

Leroy has 18+ years of experience as a Heavy Equipment Operator and has worked for some of the largest mining companies and Indigenous Corporations operating in the North, I & D Management (2004 – 2009), Diavik Diamond Mines (2013 – 2016), Nuna Logistics, Ekati Diamond Mines (2016-17) and Debeers Canada Inc. (August 2017 – Present).  He also took a break from the mining companies to become the YKDFN Recreation Coordinator (2013-2016)

He also worked as labourer and building maintainer for two local Indigenous Corporations, Det’on Cho Corporation and Denendeh Investments Incorporated respectively.  And is proficient in automotive and plumbing repairs and many aspects of home building such as insulation, framing, strapping, roofing, and shingling. 

Leroy contributes to his community in every way possible such as volunteering to teach the children of Ndilo/ Dettah how to drum and play hand games. And he is always available to drum and volunteer for community gatherings and special occasions. 

Leroy lives in Yellowknife with his wife Delores Betsina and their three children, Leona, Makalya and Mika as well as their niece Serena. They have three older children Brandon Michel, Frederick and Amy Betsina who also spend time with them. He is a devoted family man who goes above and beyond for his family and community. As a family, they like to spend time on the land and attend hand games and drum dances across the North.  

Leroy was elected Councillor for the Yellowknives Dene First Nation for Ndilo in December 2023 in recognition that he is a well-liked and well-respected member of our First Nation that can be counted on to help out where needed.