Councillor Jeffrey Rosnawski

My name is Jeffrey Rosnawski, I was born and raised in N’dilo and Yellowknife, and I am a very proud member of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation (YKDFN). My family includes our parents, Christine Goulet and the late Ron Rosnawski, as well as my siblings, sister Jennifer Drygeese and brother Corey Rosnawski. Our upbringing, in Chief Drygeese Territory, instilled in us the significance of tradition, family bonds, and community involvement, a testament to our active participation in YKDFN events and celebrations. Additionally, my partner Bianca and I are a proud family of four, raising two incredible boys, Devin (11 years old) and Ronnie Reign (18 months)

As an accredited Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T) with a strong background in project management, I am committed to using my skills to address the challenges confronting the YKDFN community Overcoming personal struggles, including substance abuse, I strongly promote the importance of education and supporting others in facing and overcoming their difficulties. My academic background in Mining Engineering Technology reflects my dedication to personal growth, and my core values of trust, motivation, humility, and transparency formed the foundation of my candidacy. As a Trustee for the Goosomba dehshe Trust, I demonstrated a strong commitment to accountability and transparency – values I vow to uphold in my role as a Councilor for YKDFN. 

I understand the challenges and commitment that come with being a YKDFN Ndilo Councillor. For the next 4 years, I look forward to serving our beloved YKDFN communities and collaborating with YKDFN Chiefs, Council, and Administration to ensure a prosperous future for our First Nation.