Councillor Mary Rose (Maro) Drygeese Sundberg

Mary Rose (Maro) Drygeese Sundberg was first elected to the council in the 1990s and was a councilor between the 1990s-2019. In total, she served her community for 16 years. Maro’s parents are the late John (Dzą̀dzıı̀) and Marie Louise (Kw’ı̨̀ą) Drygeese of Dettah. Her grandparents are the late Joe (Įt’ǫ̀) (Chief for 32 years) and Mary Adele (Maàdè) Sangris and Baptise (Maàdzıı̀) (Signatory to Treaty 8 signing) and Rose Drygeese. 

Maro is married to Brian Sundberg and lives in Dettah, they have three daughters nine grandchildren, and one great-grandson. Coming from a leadership family she learned how to listen and gather information to help the community, she believes that it is important to know your grassroots people in order to help them with their issues, you need to be grounded and have a clear mind and soul to help your people.

Maro has been working in the language area for 40 years and operated a non-profit language center as the Executive Director in Dettah for 22 years and sat on many language boards and committees locally, regionally, and nationally and she is a strong advocate for languages at all levels. She is enthusiastic about language issues and says language gives you a sense of belonging and pride for your First Nations. She operated her language business from 1992 to the present and briefly operated a busing business for Dettah. 

Maro previously sat on the Akaitcho Regional Language Board, Deton Cho Corporation Board of directors, Education Committee, Housing, Human Resource, and Diavik Mine Committee. 

As a Councilor Maro believes that in order to be a strong leader for her community you need to have balance in your life, culturally and spiritually. Practicing your tradition is important and to have a clear and open mind to look at all issues of our communities. Maro may be busy, but she believes it is also important to take time for what is important, family and friendship.