Dechı̨ta Nàowo

Dechı̨ta Nàowo provides adult training and helps prepare youth for post-secondary while strengthening cultural skills and identity. We are dedicated in supporting YKDFN members throughout their education and training journeys.


Ndilo Location: Dechita Naowo Training Centre, 902 Sikyea Tili, Ndilo
Ndilo Office Hours: 9 am – 5 pm, Monday-Friday

Dettah Location: Dechita Naowo Training Centre (behind the greenhouse)
Dettah Office Hours: 9 am – 5 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Mailing Address: Box 2514 Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P8
Phone: (867) 873-9037
Fax: (867) 669-9002

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Dechı̨ta Nàowo Training Centre, Dettah Schedule

Dechı̨ta Nàowo Program Application – Fillable Form

Adult (Ages 18+) Training

Please contact Eileen B. Betsina at or (867) 873-9037 ext. 1017 for more information on our adult training programs.

Youth/Young Adult (Ages 14-25) Programs

Meet Our Staff

Margaret Erasmus, Program 873-9037 ext. 1015
Jessica Vital, Assistant Program Manager (Adults) 873-9037 ext. 1016
Rachel Tambour-Zoe, Assistant Program Manager (Youth) 873-9037 ext. 1030
Angus Charlo, Traditional Knowledge/Construction 873-9037 ext. 1018
Trevor Weir, Pre-Trades Preparation 873-9037 ext. 1033
Eileen B. Betsina, Training Coordinator/ 873-9037 ext. 1017
Rebecca Vrdolak, Training Coordinator 873-9037 ext. 1014
Jonathon Lafferty, Traditional Economies 873-9037 ext. 1014
Alice Abel, Research 873-9037 ext. 1032
Lila Lines, Post-Secondary Mentorship 873-9037 ext. 1031
Sarah Plotner, Job 873-9037 ext. 1037

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