Community Economic Development

Economic Development is a new department within Yellowknives Dene First Nation. As YKDFN has not ceded any lands or rights and we are a sovereign nation, YKDFN is moving forward towards continued self-determination and prosperity. A main goal of the Economic Development Division is to ensure economic growth and sustainability for YKDFN members.

Current projects – 2019/2020

Economic Development Strategy
This strategy will consider historical reports completed by YKDFN and new community engagements to create an Economic Development Implementation Strategy.

Joint Economic Development strategy with the City of Yellowknife – CEDI Project
While YKDFN and the City of Yellowknife work on creating their own individual Economic Development Strategies, this Joint Economic Development Strategy will ensure that both parties benefit.

Socio-Economic Survey
There was a community consultation in May 2019 to gather the baseline information to learn what the community wants as economic development when the mines close; this work resulted in the creation of survey questions. This survey will provide us with updated information and assist with the documentation and creation of a Labour Force Database, and with an understanding on an individual level and then a community level of what our economy needs and wants are. The reports generated will later become a rolling document to ensure that we are continuously moving forward, and assist with the creation of an Economic Development Strategy.

YKDFN Chamber of Commerce
Complete the YKDFN Chamber of Commerce Registration form and submit to to join, share and promote your skills and business.

YKDFN Chamber of Commerce Registration form

YKDFN Labour Force Database
The intention of this database is to assist and secure. If you are a YKDFN member seeking a job, please contact YKDFN to provide an updated resume.

Multi-purpose Cultural Centre in Dettah
This new building is currently in the feasibility study stage; this building will include YKDFN art and Culture, elder stories and teachings, and will provide an incubation hub where members can be assisted to grow their business.

Upcoming projects: 2020/ forward

Please send an email , if you have an idea of a project or a suggestion and would YKDFN Economic Development team to explore. Please note that if you email for a proposed project and it is not currently on the Strategic Plan,it will be review and considered for the next Strategic Plan.