Student Success Stories

Zachary Sangris

Zachary Sangris, Construction Basic Pre-Trades, 2018

Thriving for Success

Since I’ve been taking the Construction Training with the Dechı̨ta Nàowo Program and been placed in various courses, it has benefited me in many ways to be where I am today. If it weren’t for these trainings, I’d be struggling to find proper work and not many employers hire inexperienced newcomers. Before I joined Construction Basics I knew nothing about buildings, architects or simply building a foundation in general. As time went by, I’ve learned skills that will never be forgotten: measurements, sketching, and cutting out pieces for certain areas. As the months went by after completion of Construction Basic Part 1, I joined Part 2 and 3, and I can honestly say I’m not that shy young adult I was a year ago. As Construction Part 3 was going on I’ve taken lead role in leading my fellow participants whenever my instructors are gone for more supplies.  I’ve taken the opportunity with confidence and I can say I’ve done great as lead role, because not only am I thriving for success, but my fellow participants are following me as I lead by example. I’d like to thank all the Dechı̨ta Nàowo staff for believing in me. Currently, I work part-time with YKDFN Housing Division Part-time as a labourer and I put my construction skills to use and its benefits. I’ve learned so much from as YKDFN Housing Maintenance Worker and I’ve thought of it as a future career where I work part-time.  Again, I’d like to thank all the Dechı̨ta Nàowo Staff for everything they have done for me.

Awry Beaulieu

Awry Beaulieu, Heavy Equipment Operator Training, 2019

This course with the Dechı̨ta Nàowo Training Program was very educational and a very good learning experience. The Heavy Equipment Operations training aspects includes learning every day, safety meetings, pre-checks and operational checks. The Detoncho trainers gave us the tools, safety practice and work experiences to start operating the equipment to have an idea of what mining industry is like. I am very thankful for these courses provided to me.  After the course, I was offered employment with Nahanni Construction as HEO and completed the contract. Had sent re-employment and had sent out resumes to other mining companies within the industry in the north. I would recommend this training to anyone interested in learning to be a Heavy Equipment Operator Trainee, it’s way closer to home.

Peter Crookedhand

Peter Crookedhand, Environmental Monitoring BEAHR Program, 2019

While taking the Environmental Monitoring Program with Dechı̨ta Nàowo I learned about using maps and GPS coordinates and abandoned mines that are being worked on or being cleaned up by the government. We are going to be the watch dog for all these abandoned mines coming up. With the Wilderness First Aid and BEAHR, I was able to gain all the certificates to start up a bear monitoring business that I am going to be starting this summer. This will create employment opportunities for others that have taken this program as well. In classroom work with Debbie Weir at the Aurora College Ndilo Learning Centre I had gained some computers skills and was able to put together a Power Point Orientation as part of my small business proposal.