Seabridge Gold’s Courageous Lake Project

Photo from summer 2019 at Wiiliideh Site. Environment staff hosted a series of interviews with knowledge holders to gather knowledge for many projects including the Seabridge Gold TK Study.
Photo Credit: Johanne Black

Seabridge Gold is currently in an exploratory phase for the Courageous Lake project with a preliminary feasibility study done in 2012 that identified mineral reserves and described a conceptual mine. There is no mine proposed at Courageous Lake at this time. YKDFN has begun to take a new approach in matters pertaining to mining exploration and so has started an informed consent engagement and accommodation process with the Courageous Lake project.

A traditional knowledge study was undertaken to establish a baseline understanding of YKDFN traditional land use, practices, and knowledge relating to the Courageous Lake area. This study consisted of interviews with YKDFN knowledge holders that were conducted over the summer of 2019, an analysis of existing information housed in YKDFN’s TK database, and the creation of maps depicting YKDFN traditional land use. A report on this work was produced in September 2019 and is available through the Environment Department. YKDFN and Seabridge Gold continue to work together to finds ways to identify how the project can support the Environment Department and provide the capacity necessary to participate in the regulatory process.