The Land Department of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation Band Administration has been established by Chief and Council to act as the primary point of contact for a wide range of issues that deals with Lands. All matters of land disposition, wildlife and water management, development and rights based consultation initially move through this office.

As a high capacity office this department serves the whole membership needs, in addition to the more typical matters associated with the environment. These activities ranged from engagement on existing mining projects, wildlife management, advocating for treaty rights, reviewing technical material and annual reports, wildlife management, land management and planning and traditional knowledge research and documentation. This department ensures that the land, environment, natural resources, and heritage resources are protected within Chief Drygeese Territory.


The mission of the Department of Land is to protect and promote stewardship of the land, in the Chief Drygeese Territory, by asserting YKDFN rights and pursuing sustainable economic benefit for current and future members to preserve a traditional way of life.


The Land Department will work cooperatively with government and industry, drawing on scientific and Traditional Knowledge, to balance environmental preservation with economic development. Decisions will be guided by principles of sustainability and ensuring safe access to land and natural resources for our members.