Lands Administration

The Department of Land is responsible for the management of YKDFN land, water and wildlife interests. It does this by reviewing applications relating to the occupation, use and disposition of land and resources, and then compiling land use occupancy information. Land Department also intervenes in regulatory proceedings that have a potential to negatively impact the land, water and people on Chief Drygeese Territory.

The Land Department reviews various types of applications which are also processed by the Land department; such as, land use applications and water license applications provided by regulatory boards.  Other relevant applications and notices respecting land and water use are as follows:

  • City of Yellowknife: land leases and transfers, developer applications, solid waste reviews.
  • Government of the Northwest Territories: applications and notices; such as tourism and outfitter applications, park expansions or creations, commissioner’s lands applications, forest management applications;
  • Government of Canada: park creation or expansion, disposition of crown land.
  • Research: review Aurora research applications, as well as other agencies research that may impact YKDFN.

Finally, the Land Department receives and processes Permission to Occupy (PTO) applications. The Land Department reviews the PTO’s on a case-by-case basis and provide recommendations to Chief and Council.