Land Management

The Department, of Land Management, advocates the Treaty and Aboriginal Rights of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation related to the conservation, development, and use of land within the Chief Drygeese Territory.

The Department, of Land Management of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation, has been established by Chiefs and Council to act as the primary point of contact for a wide range of land management matters.

Land includes the surface, subsurface mineral rights, fresh water, wildlife, and its habitat. All matters related to the acquisition, disposition, use of land, and identification of possible infringement of land use on Treaty and Aboriginal Rights is coordinated by the Department.

The Department provides land planning and land administration services to the First Nation’s membership, Chiefs and Council and supports other Departments and YKDFN initiatives as required. Through the provision of technical expertise and engagement with members, committees, and the Council the Department prepares documents, maps, and reports to support the decision-making of the YKDFN Leadership.