Language, Culture & History

The YKDFN Language, Culture, and History (LCH) Department objectives are:

  • Revitalize, preserve, and strengthen our ancestral Wıı̀lıı̀deh and Tetsǫ́t’ıné languages,
  • Continue practicing our cultural traditions and spirituality,
  • Preserve our heritage.

Our Wıı̀lıı̀deh and Tetsǫ́t’ıné languages contains knowledge customs, skills, and cultural values that is an integral part of our identity, health, and culture of our communities and is to be passed down for generations. If we lose our language, then a part of our culture and history is lost. By the same measure, when language is preserved, the traditions and customs continue living in the hearts and minds of those who understand it.

The YKDFN Language, Culture, and History Department will strive to recover, maintain, and preserve our fading Wıı̀lıı̀deh and Tetsǫ́t’ıné languages through community partnerships, revitalization, teaching programs and activities. Our traditional and cultural programs will foster resiliency by engaging community members in fun interactive activities and learning methods that will develop and increase language level skills, as well grow positive lifelong habits and attitudes. 

Contact us:
Language, Culture, and History Department
502 K’watia Tili, Dettah, NT.
Tel. 867-920-4089
Monday to Friday 9 :00 AM – 5 :00 PM