Gosoomba dehshe Trust – Budget Priority Survey

The Trustees of the Gosoomba dehshe Trust and YKDFN Chiefs and Council are asking all YKDFN members aged 13 and over for their input on what programs and projects should be funded by the Trust in the future. Please fill out the survey to get your priorities known.

Ways to complete the survey:

Translators will be available upon request. Please call 867-873-4307 to make arrangements.

This survey is open to all YKDFN members aged 13 and older. Each member who provides a valid response will receive a $10 gift card!

  • Gift cards will be handed out during the door-to-door campaign, or mailed out after the survey has closed

The deadline has been extended to November 13, 2020.

2020 October YKDFN Trust Community Survey

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